New WWE 13 info – Environmental finishers, Catch finishers, Sliding Ref

WWE 13 environmental and catch finishers, replays, ref

New info regarding THQ’s upcoming WWE 13 has been revealed by Creative Director Cory Ledesma regarding an updated finisher system, ref mechanics and replays.

– Finishers will now utilize the environment.For example, Spear to the barricade, Superplex to the outside etc. The ring collapse finish is an instant KO with a win for the person performing it after storing up 3 finishers. Both competitors must be super heavyweights for the ring to collapse.

– Catch finishers will be able to intercept high flying moves from the top rope. So far the finishers confirmed to have the catch attribute are the Codebreaker, Go To Sleep, Chokeslam and the World’s Strongest Slam.

– Replays occur mid-match and pause the action. They are presented No Mercy style – at different angles with full speed.

– The ref now slides before starting a 3-count as opposed to just getting on their knees.


All of this has been confirmed on Ledesma’s Twitter account