Low Ki vs Amazing Red, TNA 2002

Low Ki takes on Amazing Red
Low Ki vs Amazing Red TNA 2002

If you ever wondered why Kaval got so much fan love on the second season of WWE NXT despite being constantly burried by no-talents like Eli Cottonwood, you’ll find out why in this match. Low Ki and Amazing Red are most definitely the Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero of spot wrestling. Low Ki’s martial arts style works really well with Amazing Red’s high-flying style to put on matches that are exciting and tremendously fun to watch.

Every match that involves Low Ki and Amazing Red is automatically a high-flying indie classic. This particular bout takes the cake because this is their first match against each other, so you can see just how effortless their chemistry in the ring is.

One has to wonder what was on the WWE creative department’s mind when they wasted all of Low Ki ‘s talent during the stint as Kaval. He is amazing in the ring and can cut very decent promos with the bass in his voice. The feud between him and Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Title at the end of 2010 would have been great, but it seems the WWE had other ideas. The December 3 2010 squash loss to Drew McIntyre was an exclamation point at the end of a bad WWE run

Still, the World Warrior left the WWE on his own accord. Some fans thought this decision unwise, but with guys like Phil “CM Punk” Brooks, Bryan “Daniel Bryan” Danielson and Daniel “Austin Aries” Solwold on full-time contracts with WWE and TNA, Brandon Silvestry has to be one of the most in-demand independant talents in the industry. The pay cannot be that much worse than his bottom of the barrel spot in the WWE, minus the rigorous travelling schedule, plus being allowed to utilize his risky style to its full potential because the World Wrestling Entertainment goes to great lengths to prevent injury to their workers.

Even though Low Ki is sure to have a better career in the indies, it’s still undeniable that he deserves a spot on a televised show.

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