John Bradshaw Layfield “highly likely” to return after WWE funds and promotes his charity project.

After the World Wrestling Entertainment has agreed to fund and promote JBL’s fundraising event, the former WWE star seems very much willing to return the favor.

Former WWE star and businessman John Bradshaw Layfield is currently in the middle of a charity project which has him climbing the highest mountain peak on every continent to help raise money for a Bermuda charity. The trek is expected to take Layfield from another 2 to 3 years to complete and cost around $250000, which his former employer the World Wrestling Entertainment has agreed to shell out in addition to promoting the event on their social media channels.

Shortly after the report by TMZ surfaced, a fan asked him if there’s any chance he’ll return and Layfield replied “I think it’s safe to say after announcement today on tmz that it’s highly likely”. Still, even if Layfield does return, it’s sure to be temporary.

Source: TMZ

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