Titus O’Neil WWE 12 CAW recipe + entrance music.

Darren Young and Titus O'Neil

Darren Young and Titus O’Neil have gone from being the first two people eliminated on their respective seasons of NXT to being the most charismatic and entertaining tag team in the WWE. What more reason to create them in WWE 12 ?

Titus O\'Neil

Name: Titus O’Neil
Ring Announcer Name: Angus O Real
Commentary Name: Youngblood
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Weight: Heavyweight
Reaction: Boo
Show: Smackdown

Titus O’Neil Head

Texture/Color – 7/12, First row, second from right. Shine: -35
Age: 0

Type: 1/11
Eyebrows: 3/33, Color: X: 0, Y:255, Shade: 30



Head: -35/-58/37
Cranium: 38/25/41/20
Eyebrows: 0/100/3/-100
Eyes: 40/-89/-53/-10/10/100/0
Nose: -100/100/100/-20/10/60/40/40
Cheeks: 0/50/-50/50
Mouth: -70/35/-90/30/35/85/-60
Jaw: 70/14/-10/14/35/20
Ears: 30/0/-60/-30

Titus O’Neil Body

Height: 6’6, 264lbs
Size: 2/11

Neck: -100/53/8
Chest: 0/70/0/3
Traps: 30/0/0
Shoulders: 10/10/15
Abdomen: 5/5/10
Waist: 10/10
Arms: Length: 0
Biceps: -4/-12
Forearms: 10/10
Hands: 0/0

Legs: Length: 0
Thighs: 5/5
Calves: 0/0
Feet: 0/0/0


Lower Body:
Trunks: Superstar 12/16, Color: X: 235, Y:169, Shade: 255

See WWE 12 Darren Young CAW for instructions on creating a rough trunk graphic with provided designs. Replace “DYOUNG” with “TITUS”.

Knee Pads: Both – 4/15, Color: X:0 Y:255, Shade: 40
Boots: 1/46, 3rd variation, Color: X:0, Y:255, Shade: 95

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