Famous WWE Wrestlers As Comic Book Superheroes

3. Neville and The Flash

First off, these two go by a first name basis; nothing fancy, just Neville and Flash.

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past 75 years, you’ll already know the Flash is fast. Neville is his equivalent in the WWE Universe; with his blinding speed, cameramen sometimes have trouble keeping up with him. Known as “The Man Gravity Forgot” he has an incredible aerial arsenal, much like Flash’s ability to break many laws of physics with his superhero abilities.

In terms of personality, both are known to be down to earth characters that truly care about protecting those around them. Neville had to be included in this article as he is actually in a comic book-like feud right now. At SummerSlam, he is teaming up with Stephen Amell from Arrow to face Stardust – who is a comic villain in his own right – and King Barrett. Will the heroes succeed? Spoiler: If a celebrity is involved, that answer is almost always yes.