Damien Sandow for WWE 12 – very accurate CAW (pictures)

Damien Sandow WWE 12 CAW

Latest FCW graduate Damien Sandow (real name Aaron Haddad) has yet to wrestle his first match on WWE Smackdown and he’s already bringing us the enlightenment we yearn for. Below is a very nice CAW to bring that same enlightenment to your WWE 12 Universe…you’re welcome.

This CAW was made for the PS3 version of WWE 12 by CAWs.ws community member Kartik-96. Find this CAW in the community creations through the following tags: damien, sandow, Kartik-96. The eyebrows are a little off in the picture, but have since been fixed. The pictures were taken off-screen, so the CAW looks much better in reality.


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Damien Sandow

Damien Sandow WWE 12 CAW


Damien Sandow CAW


More on Damien Sandow

Damien Sandow is the current ring name of the 6 ft 4, 243lb, 29-year old former FCW talent Aaron Haddad, who has recently made his debut on World Wrestling Entertainment’s Smackdown brand. He was part of Ohio Valley Wrestling as Idol Stevens when it was still WWE’s development territory. He also made numerous appearances on the independent circuit including Puerto Rico’s World Wrestling Council before returning to WWE development in its new training camp FCW and adopting the current character. From what can be gathered from his recent FCW work with Ring of Honor veteran Seth Rollins and the Japan-hardened Richie Steamboat, he has a great deal of charisma and is also a very solid ring worker, as we’ll hopefully find out next week on WWE Smackdown, even if they do have him squash a local jobber.

Even though WWE Smackdown is technically the b-show, it’s great to see so much promising young talent making their debut. It may be hard to picture Damien Sandow and others like Darren Young, Titus O’Neil, Brodus Clay, Ryback etc at the top right now, but that’s only natural. It was just as hard to picture CM Punk being the WWE Champion and living in a $2 million home and Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan) being the most over guy in the WWE despite losing the title in 18 seconds.

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