CM Punk Love Life Evolution

I don’t need to tell you how great CM Punk is. We all know about his fantastic mic skills, superior ring work, and incredible character.

His refusal to treat his fans like idiots, as many wrestlers often do, only adds to his appeal. Throw in some sweet tattoos, a hilarious Twitter account, and his ability to make anybody he works with look good, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for awesome. The ladies seem to agree.

Over the years, Punk has given plenty of explanations as to what the CM in his name stands for. Much like the Joker’s origin story in The Dark Knight, the meaning of the letters have been amorphous, changing to suit Punk’s mood whenever he’s been asked which words the initials abbreviate. He’s even supplied long and fabricated backstories to support different theories on the meaning of the letters. Over the years, they’ve stood for Cookie Monster, Charles Montgomery, and Chicago Made, among others. Perhaps the most fitting explanation is Chick Magnet.

Becky Bayless

Also deserving mention is Becky Bayless, who is currently a member of the Impact Wrestling roster as Cookie, manager of Robbie E. Personally, she’d easily crack the top three of this list in terms of sheer boner-inspiring looks, but I feel like excluding Lita or Beth would have made it flawed given their prominence. No matter what your preferences are or which of the above women you find the most attractive, we can all agree that Punk is carving a niche for himself as wrestling’s biggest ladies’ man, perhaps of all time. He is an impressive specimen of whom we should all be jealous.

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