Chris Jericho – Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About

5. He Had Major Input On His Storylines

Chris Jericho is an energetic guy who’s not afraid to let his personality shine, whether it’s in the ring, on the mic or backstage. One thing that is interesting was that when he was talking about some of his favorite angles, he mentioned the ones in which he personally had a major input on the storyline. Jericho recanted:

“There were tons. I was very proud of Trish Stratus-Christian love triangle because I wrote most of that story. The same thing when Steve Austin got fired by Eric Bischoff, that was about a six month story that started with me and Austin that I had a lot of input in.”

I suppose when you write your own storylines, it also makes it a lot easier to try and convince someone that you should become champion!