Chris Jericho – Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About

7. How He Felt The Difference Between Brands

Chris Jericho has had the opportunity to wrestle for multiple brands. When asked about how he felt about this, he gave a great answer that spoke to the differences between the brands. Jericho described ECW as:

“…almost like cult atmosphere in the way that people treated it as fans and the way the wrestlers treated it just being part of the company. Didn’t matter if there were 300 people there or 200 people there, the show was always quality.”

When he switched over to WCW, he talked about the NWO Era and stated:

“Being a good wrestler was almost secondary and that’s kind of how it was for me there in the fact that you can only get to a certain level and you would never crack through the ranks to meet up with guys like Hogan, Savage, Hall and Nash… It was a great place for older guys who had made their money to be, but not for a younger guy who wanted to make a name for himself. That’s why I made the jump to go to the WWF, take a chance and jump over there, and that’s what I did and working there in the prime time when Austin, The Rock, Undertaker and Foley and all these guys who are no longer there anymore were at their peak was not only a great experience as a performer, but also for the fans as well.”

There is no doubt that the WWF gave Jericho the opportunity he needed to excel. Kudos on Jericho for continuing to battle during times of uncertainty until he found a place where he felt comfortable.