Chris Jericho – Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About

9. He Will Stay In Character Outside Of The Ring

One of the ways that Jericho helps keep himself in the persona of a heel is to translate it to his real life as well. While I hope this doesn’t mean he becomes an asshole to his wife, it does lead to a really interesting tidbit about Jericho’s passion:

“I remember in Madison Square Garden there was a dad with his son in the elevator who asked for an autograph and as much as it pained me as I have a son, I just stared ahead. It’s all part of it and nowadays no one wants to do it. Vince loves it because it’s old school, he gets it, it’s heat. Vince had my back with anything I did. For example, when I caused the crowd to pelt me with glow sticks in London, DX were furious, Stephanie was furious, they wanted me fined and suspended but Vince goes ‘no, you’re a heel’.”

While I am sure the little kid was saddened, hopefully he will be able to run into Jericho when he is playing a face character.