Anti-LGBT Wrestling Superstars – Top 10

5. Shawn Michaels

If you’re a longtime fan of professional wrestling, you may find this entry a little bit heartbreaking. With the exception of his supposed gay affair with Vince McMahon, which I mentioned earlier on, there is little to suggest HBK has any fondness for the LGBTQ community.

Like many former wrestlers (think Sting, Tiffany, and Ted DiBiase), Michaels is a Born-Again Christian and is not shy about saying so. Due to his strong religious beliefs, HBK is not really allowed to approve of homosexuality (he does get to kill lots of animals, though).

In 2012, Michaels responded to a fan who joked about his receding hairline on Twitter. He mocked him for being obsessed with another man’s hair, before following it up with “#homo.” He deleted the tweet shortly after and apologized the following day, but did little to dispel the rumors of anti-gay beliefs.

As Michaels has appeared pretty open-minded on occasion, it seems his Christian “values” serve as the driving force of his homophobia.