A Look Back at the Craziness of the XFL

The MLB has the World Series, the NFL has the SuperBowl, the NHL has the Stanely Cup finals and the XFL had “The Big Game At The End”. To be fair, it was later changed to the Million Dollar Game, but “Big Game At The End” should’ve never been a thing to begin with.

The XFL season kicks off on Saturday, February 3, 2001. Each of the league’s eight teams will play a 10-game regular season. There are no bye weeks. Two games will be on Saturday night, one on Sunday afternoon and one on Sunday night. The top two teams in each division advance to the postseason, with playoff games taking place the weekend of April 14-15. The inaugural XFL Championship Game, affectionately called “The Big Game At The End,” will be played on Saturday, April 21.

From reading that, you can see that it wasn’t named this way for irony. Someone actually thought this was a good idea.