20 Wrestlers You’d Never Guess Were Roommates

Nowadays, Ken Patera looks like a mere footnote in comparison to a name like the legendary “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Back in the early ‘70s, it was the other way around, as Patera was an accomplished Olympic weightlifter when Flair was a college dropout bouncer, chasing women during his spare time. Patera was also considering a career in pro wrestling, entering Verne Gagne’s training school, which made Flair hopeful Patera could eventually help break him into the business, as well. At first, Flair and Patera simply lived together, though if the goal was for Flair to endear himself to a future coworker, he failed in classic Nature Boy tradition. According to Patera, Flair was firmly in the party animal phase of his life by the time they started living together, with every night a crazier sex party than the last. Patera mostly tried to stay out of it, still training for the Pan-American Games, which is probably why the arrangement only lasted all of five months before he couldn’t put up with it anymore.