20 Wrestlers You’d Never Guess Were Roommates

Although they only worked for the same company on rare occasions, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and “Diamond” Dallas Page have been at least casual friends since they both worked for WCW in the early ‘90s. Surprisingly, however, it wasn’t until after both of their careers in wrestling were practically over that they briefly lived with one another in Los Angeles circa 2005, shortly after both men had divorced their famous wrestling wives. Page let Austin stay in an apartment he owned when he was filming The Devil’s Rejects, roughly during the same time he and Kimberly started to split. Once the divorce was finalized, Page moved back in with Austin, discovering Stone Cold left his home a complete mess. Despite this, Page said the experience was lots of fun, solidifying their friendship for life. Page has since made somewhat of a second career out of living with other wrestlers, later inviting Scott Hall and Jake Roberts into his home to help them through their substance abuse rehabilitation.