20 Wrestlers You’d Never Guess Were Roommates

Even without their divergent careers in wrestling, a simple look at Yoshi Tatsu and Sheamus would make most wrestling fans assume Sheamus would both be the bigger star and win in a real fight between the two. You also wouldn’t necessarily think the two would be roommates, but they were, along with Ted DiBiase, Jr., when all three were working for Florida Championship Wrestling. Despite being roommates, Tatsu and Sheamus didn’t necessarily get along and the result of their tiff proves the first assumption incorrect, as well. According to The Wrestling Observer, Sheamus was a classic example of a bad roommate, using Tatsu and DiBiase’s belongings without asking and leaving the house a mess without being willing to clean it up. After the two confronted him about it, Sheamus got angry and threw a protein shaker at Tatsu, but Tatsu caught it and beat Sheamus up in response. Chances are, they didn’t keep living together long after that.