20 Wrestlers You’d Never Guess Were Roommates

20 pairs of wrestlers you never knew lived together

“The Beast Incarnate” Brock Lesnar is such a freak of nature it can be difficult to picture him sitting in a college dorm and studying with his roommate. The only thing making this story more palatable is the fact his roommate would later become a famous pro wrestler as well, namely WWE Intercontinental Championship Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin was also one of Lesnar’s trainers, a favor Lesnar returned by demanding WWE hire Benjamin as one of the terms of his initial contract. Prior to becoming WWE superstars, Lesnar and Benjamin went from amateurs to pros in Ohio Valley Wrestling, competing as the Minnesota Wrecking Crew and winning the OVW Tag Team Championships. The more famous Lesnar gets, the more solitary he becomes, but he and Benjamin are still close enough that Lesnar named Shelton the godfather to his two oldest children.