10 WWE Divas Who Refused To Pose Nude

4. Melina

Melina Perez took the WWE by storm, emerging on the scene as the valet for MNM, the paparrazi-followed d-bags that everyone loved to hate. It wasn’t her charisma, her wrestling ability, or even her looks that got her over…it was that ring entrance.

The self-proclaimed “most dominant diva in WWE” would position herself on the apron doing a full split, then slide forward and under the ring ropes, giving fans in the arena and those watching at home a generous glimpse of her nether regions.

She had a successful run in WWE, but is better known for her real-life relationship with John Morrison, which was on and off for several years, as well as her rumored affair with Batista. She was also the cause of a super weird stalkerish vibe from Mick Foley all throughout his book The Hardcore Diaries.

Melina is a woman who was never afraid to show off her goodies, and one would not be shocked to find her photographed fully disrobed, but sadly, it’s never happened. Unless someone wants to search through John Morrison’s phone.