10 WWE Divas Who Refused To Pose Nude

5. Ivory

For long-time fans of the wrestling business who remember the campy greatness that was G.L.O.W., you may recall this next lady competing under the name Tina Ferrari. With a career that began all the way back in 1986, the woman born Lisa Moretti is as seasoned as they come.

She finally made her way to the big stage of WWE in 1999, where, like Victoria, her first brief role was as one of Godfather’s hos. The first angle she was involved in saw her play a love interest for “Sexual Chocolate” Mark Henry. It quickly became obvious that she was a standout worker amongst the divas and could be counted on to carry the lesser-experienced girls in matches.

Ivory joined the Right To Censor faction, and while I’m sure her uptight, overly-conservative character was meant to be a grating turn-off, it was actually incredibly hot. RTC was a prominent group during this time for WWE, and Ivory was involved in some important mid-card storylines.

Her real strength was serving as a trainer, helping prepare the future generation of women for the ring. She showed her affinity for working with rookies as a coach on Tough Enough and for Ohio Valley Wrestling.
Despite being nearly 40-years old when she debuted in WWE, she always stood out with a subdued, reluctant sexiness that was hard to forget.