10 WWE Divas Who Refused To Pose Nude

7. Kelly Kelly

Barbie Blank’s first gimmick in the WWE version of ECW was literally that of being a stripper…well, an “exhibitionist”. Her “Kelly’s Exposé” segments were one of the only watchable portions of the show in its infancy, and the newly-named Kelly Kelly was majorly over with crowds. Her attempts to flash her goods were interrupted by her on-screen boyfriend Mike Knox, which of course made him a huge heel. Want to get a guy booed? Have him deny men their chance to see some hooters.

Along with Layla El and Brooke Adams (NKA Ms. Tessmacher in TNA), she formed Extreme Exposé, whose job was to engage in regular dance routines for the viewers. Of course like any pro wrestling faction, the group had to EXPLODE and a feud was born.

Kelly was one of the lesser-talented workers on the roster and was used mainly as a sex symbol during her time with the company. Were she to have debuted for WWE about five years earlier, it’s a safe bet she would have been among the girls asked to bare it all. She’s come mighty close a few times, but her exposés were never quite extreme enough for her fans.