10 WWE Divas Who Refused To Pose Nude

8. Molly Holly

There was always something about Nora Greenwald that set her apart from her colleagues in the WWE women’s division. Amidst the sea of oversexualized bombshells, here was this innocent young lady whose popularity was due more to her wrestling and wholesome personality than any risqué behavior.

Nora showed up on WCW television in 1999 as Miss Madness, one of Randy Savage’s valets, while she trained the rest of the women at the Power Plant. After Team Madness turned on her, she started wrestling under the name Mona, before being cut in 2000.

She arrived on WWE programming in 2000 as Molly Holly, a cousin to Bob and Crash, but her most popular role was when she donned a superhero costume and became Mighty Molly, sidekick of The Hurricane.
Never really a candidate for any sort of nakedness, it’s that sort of pureness that resulted in her popularity. Molly baring skin for the world to see? It just wouldn’t have felt right.