10 WWE Divas Who Refused To Pose Nude

9. Debra

Making her debut for WCW alongside real-life husband and former NFL star Steve “Mongo” McMichael, Debra quickly turned heads with her in-your-face cleavage and impressive legs in scantily clad business suits. Pairings with the Four Horsemen, Jeff Jarrett and Stone Cold kept her on our television screens for nearly a decade.

The woman born Debra Marshall is probably most famous as the now ex-wife of Steve Austin, which increased her role with WWE prominently. She was a little older than her contemporaries, as she was already in her late 30s by the time she began working for the company, but she was incredibly popular nonetheless. Unlike the majority of the women on the roster at that time, she was primarily a valet, rarely engaging in any actual wrestling matches.

Her marriage to the biggest star the business had ever seen probably prevented her from ever being pressured or possibly even asked to do the requisite Playboy shoot. It’s hard to imagine Steve Austin would have been open to sharing the intimate parts of his wife with the entire world. Such an offer would have probably led to The Texas Rattlesnake giving that sumbitch Hefner a stunner and then stomping a mudhole in him and walking it dry.