10 WWE Divas Who Refused To Pose Nude

1. Trish Stratus

Perhaps the most surprising name on this list is WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. That’s not in any way a statement of her character, but She. Came. So. Close. So. Many. Times. The former fitness model has a nearly unlimited portfolio of incredibly revealing photos that leave little to the imagination.

The woman that many fans refer to as WWE’s only true perfect 10, Trish Stratus is one of the biggest female stars to ever appear on wrestling programming. She debuted as the manager of the appropriately-named tag team T & A, and instantly fans were mesmerized by the voluptuous blonde vixen. Trish had no qualms with using her sexuality to get over, and many of her segments were heavy on teasing and innuendo.

But she wasn’t all about T & A (the tag team or the body parts), because she developed into one of the greatest women workers ever. One half of the only divas match to ever main event Raw (along with Lita), fans respected Stratus for her wrestling as much as they desired her for her appearance.

Publicly, Trish was open to the idea of posing for Playboy, but one has to believe that if she was truly interested it would have happened in a heartbeat. She was far more popular than any of the other divas who did so, with the exception of possibly Sable, so if she had been game, cameras would have been clicking within days.

She’s parlayed her success in wrestling into other avenues and has done very well for herself, even earning a Top Choice Award for Business Woman of the Year, a result of the same drive that led her to the pinnacle of the wrestling world.

As I mentioned before, she came frustratingly close to uncovering all her assets on many occasions, and one of the WWE Divas videos has a wet t-shirt scene that comes as close as you can get. But the fact that she never went all the way does feel a little…unstratusfying.

Via whatculture.com