10 WWE Divas Who Refused To Pose Nude

I’m sure most fans would like people to think that the only reason they stay tuned in when the WWE Divas are wrestling is for the athletic ability on display and the in-ring storytelling.

That they enjoy the women wrestlers in the same way they do the men, viewing them as nothing other than competitors trying to reach the pinnacle of their chosen profession.

When women wrestling began, that may have been true, as most of the performers were average to below average-looking scrappers who were much more intimidating than titillating. But since the late 90s, female wrestling has taken a dramatic turn, evolving into more exhibitionist displays with a peep show aesthetic, with a roster populated with gorgeous models.

That’s not to say the wrestling was bad. Quite the contrary, actually. Along with the influx of eye candy came a drastic improvement in workrate. WWE’s women’s division had a renewed focus, and oftentimes what was going on in the ring was nearly as important as the angles happening outside it. Those prime years are long gone, however. The PG Era has toned down the sensationalistic sexuality of the Attitude Era ladies, and the talent level has decreased significantly. But we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk about boobs.

Along with the shifted focus of the Divas came a desire to use them to garner WWE’s much-coveted mainstream publicity. Beginning with Sable, WWE Divas began appearing in Playboy at a rapid rate. Torrie Wilson, Chyna, Christy Hemme and Maria Kanellis were just some of the stars who posed for extremely successful pictorials.
But not every superstar diva was willing to shed their clothes for Hugh Hefner’s magazine, nor any other photographer’s lens.

Those are the ladies we’re going to focus on in this article. So for all you Googlers out there, don’t waste your time combing through page after page of search results hoping to mine some undiscovered treasure. Parade, consider me your raincloud. It doesn’t exist. Here are 10 WWE Divas Who Refused To Get Naked.

10. Lita

2014 WWE Hall of Fame class member Amy Dumas was one of the most popular female performers of all-time. She made her American debut in ECW as Miss Congeniality after training in Mexico in the lucha style. It was this training that helped her stand out from the other women on the roster when she joined WWE as the valet of Essa Rios. That pairing didn’t last long and the newly-christened Lita soon joined up with The Hardy Boyz as the third member of Team Extreme.

Due to her unique look and reckless style (as well as her visible thong), Lita’s popularity skyrocketed and she quickly became a star. So great was her adulation from fans that she was used to get heat on “Stone Cold” Steve Austin after his heel turn because the audience was refusing to boo him. She was arguably as over as her Hardy brother compatriots, and she was awesome in the ring to boot.

Despite being one of the top females on the roster during a time when Playboy came calling on a near annual basis, Lita never posed for the magazine, nor did she bare her body for any other outlets. The closest she came was some risqué photoshoots for the Divas magazines and a nipple slip during she and Edge’s “live sex celebration” on Raw.