10 Times Wrestling Titles Were Held by Non-Wrestlers

10 times non-wrestlers became champions

The Attitude Era did some crazy things with the titles. Chyna became the first woman to hold a men’s title after becoming co-Intercontinental Champ with Chris Jericho, while Harvey Wippleman became the first man to hold the Women’s title.

Stacey “The Kat” Carter seemed to have defended the title against every woman in the WWF in all kinds of sexualized gimmick matches, so she made an open challenge that was answered by Hervina – Wippleman in drag.

With help from Jacqueline, who was serving as one of the Lumberjills for the Snow Bunny match, Hervina would defeat The Kat for the title.

Unfortunately, though Jacqueline would take the title from Wippleman days later, but she could not remove his name from the history books.