10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About Lana

5. She’s Had Great Modeling Success

During her time at Florida St. her modeling career started to catch fire, when she became the most downloaded “Hot College Girl” on the AT&T and Sprint cell phone networks in back to back years. She has already appeared in Maxim magazine, and was the Miller Lite NASCAR Poster Girl.

In her kayfabe WWE.COM interview, she said… “Modeling came very easy to me. It just landed on my lap and made me a lot of money. But I found it boring. Yes, it was nice to make six figures but the act of just standing in front of a camera for hours didn’t inspire me as much as acting and dancing did.”

Even though that was an in character statement, it could easily be her telling the truth. Being that multifaceted, it’s conceivable she could have gotten bored very fast, as she was not using all of her talents. Based on everything she did before she got to WWE, it’s safe to say she transcended being the “Hot College Girl.”