10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About Lana

7. She’s Had Roles In Various Television Shows And Movies

Lana has been helping entertain the masses long before she entered the world of professional wrestling. Her time in No Means Yes, led her to getting a role in the film “Pitch Perfect” being the forbidden fruit of one of the players in the show, “The Game” and she also starred in the show “Banshee” in 2013.

Lana was trained as an actress at The Groundlings School under acting coaches Lesly Kahn and Larry Moss. She has a few videos on YouTube where she cries legit tears in a scene and comes off VERY believable. A far cry, no pun intended, from some of her contemporaries in the divas division. She has the ability to drop in that place where she becomes the character, and makes the viewer feel what is in her soul.

Her background as an actress is a very valuable asset to WWE. When she transitions from Rusev’s manager one day, she could easily hang with any superstar on the roster in a storyline. Let’s hope she gets to showcase those abilities.