10 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About Lana

1. She May Be The Next Great Female Superstar In WWE

Reading through this list, it’s clear to see a talent of Lana’s caliber doesn’t show up in WWE every day. She’s one of the most beautiful women you’ll ever see, that is legitimately talented. She is an accomplished singer, dancer, model, and actress. Her mic work is already impeccable. The way she made Hacksaw Jim Duggan seem like a peasant in her presence was a work of genius.

Also, her popularity is already being felt. “WE WANT LANA!!” chants are already breaking out during Rusev’s squash matches. AND SHE IS AN AMERICA HATING HEEL! Lana could easily be the new Sable to Rusev’s Marc Mero. Where she outshines the wrestler that was intended to get over.

She falls in line with other great blonde divas of the past, in Kelly Kelly, Sable, and Sunny. On paper, she has them all beat based on what she can do. She could be coming for Trish Stratus’ throne. When she is freed up of her current character, there is no ceiling on what her potential could be.

Lana is 29 years old, and the average diva sticks around for 4-5 years. So when Lana starts to catch fire, (and she will) WWE must capitalize on her IMMEDIATELY. NXT is loaded with talented women ready to step up at any point, as the recent debuts of Emma and Paige would suggest. Lana could end up the biggest of them all because she is so believable in any role she plays. While what she will be as in ring talent is still up for debate, she definitely has a solid foundation to build on.

Via whatculture. com