10 Things Vince McMahon Wants You To Forget About John Cena


4. His Grittier Original Character

We may be pretty far removed from the Attitude Era (practically 20 years), but even in the mid-2000s, WWE was still pretty edgy at times. We already mentioned how Cena dropped F-bombs on his debut studio album. We also discussed how he spanked Stephanie McMahon while flirting with her via a euphemism-heavy rap. These were before the days when the sponsors would flip if someone bled. Things were still fun.

Cena used to wear a “Ruck Fules” T-shirt, as mentioned. We’ll let you guess what that’s supposed to mean. Speaking of euphemisms, did you know that the Five Knuckle Shuffle is a sexual slang for masturbation? That really kind of makes it funny that he still does that move to this day.