10 Things Vince McMahon Wants You To Forget About John Cena


5. He Singlehandedly Killed The Nexus Push

In a short span of time, John Cena was thrust to the forefront of WWE and has stayed there ever since (although it finally seems like he’s getting ready to give up his throne). Some fans believe that over 10 years at the top means that Cena has more than overstayed his welcome, while others just can’t get enough of hustle, loyalty, and respect. With Cena occupying the top spot, that means others don’t get a chance.

He’s been accused of burying plenty of members on the roster, but one burial that even some WWE superstars agree with is that of the Nexus.

Individually, they never achieved much, and that’s probably because of Cena’s behaviour upon their debut. In late 2013, Edge appeared on Chris Jericho’s podcast and the two discussed the moment they thought the burial occurred. We won’t transcribe it all here (it’s out there), but here’s some pertinent stuff:

Jericho: “Exactly. He [Cena] wanted to get DDT’d on the floor by [Wade] Barrett, then kick out and beat them both. And you and I were like, ‘that’s the dumbest thing. That’s just throwing it away for no reason.”

Edge: “They should have gone over because they were so hot.”

Jericho: “We were fighting for Barrett to go over. And, in all fairness, where’s Wade Barrett now? They should have listened to us.”