10 Things Vince McMahon Wants You To Forget About John Cena

6. He Spanked Stephanie McMahon

In the mid-2000s, right in the midst of Cena’s rap gimmick, Stephanie McMahon was shifting into that respected businesswoman she is today on and off-screen. It could have been because she had married Triple H (for real) and would soon be a mother, but she was classy. That makes it all the more shocking that John Cena gave the boss’ daughter a good smack on the rear.

The SmackDown segment begins with Stephanie addressing the crowd and planning matches for an upcoming pay-per-view event. Cena jolts down to the ring, claiming he dreamt of Stephanie the night before. He awkwardly flirts through a rap, which Stephanie finds amusing. Then, all of a sudden, she bends over and lets him spank her. Huh. Maybe she’s a fan of rap music.