10 Things Vince McMahon Wants You To Forget About John Cena

8. Kevin Federline 1, John Cena 0

For a long time in the mid-2000s, WWE would invite almost any B-list or C-list celebrity who had a book, album, or a movie to shill appear on Raw. Sometimes we got real stars like Rob Zombie or Seth Green, but those were few and far between. In 2006, WWE made the horrible, unforgivable decision to bring Kevin Federline on Raw to promote a rap album.

Who would save us from this inane segment? None other than John Cena. The confrontation turned into a mini feud of sorts – a feud big enough that Federline was on WWE programming more than once and even got the chance to have a legitimate match with Cena.

Well, it was as legitimate as a bout could be with a non-wrestler like K-Fed. Somehow, he beat Cena and helped Raw achieve mega ratings. Hmm. Maybe we should bring Federline back one of these days?