10 Things Triple H Wants You to Forget

At a WWE House Show in the famed Madison Square Garden, May 19, 1996, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall were appearing in their final matches as WWE Superstars. Nash, as the persona Diesel, wrestled WWE Champion Shawn Michaels, in the main event. Hall, as the persona, Razor Ramon, wrestled Hunter Hearst Helmsley, earlier in the night.

After the Diesel-Michaels Match, wrestling fans were not at all shocked when Razor Ramon entered the ring and hugged Shawn Michaels. The two “Babyfaces”, were huge fan favorites, so the crowd was on it’s feet. Shortly after, Helmsley entered the ring, and he hugged both Michaels and Ramon. Diesel joined the other wrestlers in a long group hug, then the four turned to the crowd, with their arms raised together. There was a mixed reaction: fans ranged from ecstatic to confused.

With kayfabe being non-existent these days, the WWE isn’t afraid to show this incident anymore. Back in 1996, however, this wasn’t a very professional display by Hunter.