10 Things The WWE Wants You To Forget About The Rock

the rock goldberg 2003

In early 2003 the WWE had a big deal on their hands after signing Goldberg. The Rock had just come off a victory over Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 20 and was on his way to yet another filming hiatus, which meant the WWE could get away with making the WCW legend look strong at The Rock’s expense. The feud itself was pretty good – the Hollywood heel persona was easily his most entertaining phase and the arrogant charisma contrasted well with Goldberg’s pure brutality.

Even though The Rock played the cowardly heel beautifully, he looked perhapsĀ the weakest he has ever looked. He would come out on the losing end of almost every confrontation before the final loss at Backlash 2003 despite not fighting fair – not the best juxtaposition to what the WWE wants him seen as today.