10 Rumored Wrestling Gimmicks That Thankfully Didn’t Happen

10 Rumored Wrestling Gimmicks That Thankfully Didn't Happen An interesting gimmick or lack thereof can make or break a wrestler. Here are 10 rumored gimmicks that would’ve done the latter, but thankfully didn’t

The Lucha Dragons have had a number of spotlight moments as a tag team, and the man himself is a multi-time US Champion.

It could have been so different however, if the creative team had gone ahead with a rumoured gimmick for the man. Reports prior to his main roster ascension suggested that WWE was considering unmasking Kalisto and having him portray an openly-gay hair stylist, with some saying Kalisto had a try out with the gimmick and really impressed in the process.

WWE doesn’t have the greatest track record when it comes to homosexuality, and one dreads to think what the long-term portrayal of the gimmick would have been. It is fairly depressing to type in this day and age, but this is World Wrestling Entertainment after all. Luckily for Kalisto, he kept his NXT gimmick and still has a bright future ahead of him.