10 Pro Wrestlers Who Slept With a Co-Worker’s Partner

Kurt Angle was at a really low point in his life, having issues with addiction and whatnot. There’s going to be some of that fuzzy timeline magic here, but Karen Angle supposedly got involved with Jeff Jarret while the Angles were separated and both men were working for TNA. This romantic involvement prompted Dixie Carter to suspend Jarrett, so it does make you question if the Angles were separated before or after things got heated. Now, I suppose for Jeff and Karen, you’d argue that this one had a happy ending. After her divorce from Kurt, she was free to do as she pleased and, in 2010, she wound up marrying Jeff. This isn’t the only one on the list where art imitates life, but it lands at number one because of the profile of the stars within their company. It was a pretty big deal.