10 Pro Wrestlers Who Slept With a Co-Worker’s Partner

Chris Candido and Sytch may have “only” been dating, but those two had been together for a long time and had been through a lot. They were best friends and had worked their way up together. So, for the most part, they were as tight as a married couple. The problem for Tammy, however, was that she had issues staying faithful (you will see what I mean as this list unfolds). So, as she became involved in an on-screen angle involving Shawn Michaels, things blossomed a bit and they got quite steamy. As in, a lurid affair kind of steamy. Now, the wise guy in me says look, at the time, both were among the best at what they did, so I can’t blame them. But looking at both now, it’s somewhat amazing that they ever went there. Well, not so much Tammy, what with her struggles. But as HBK is a Born Again Christian, that’s a part of his life he’d rather forget.