10 Pro Wrestlers Who Slept With a Co-Worker’s Partner

Ah, big bad Dave Bautista. Not only a heel on screen, but he could also be one in the locker room as it turns out. Melina, one of the hottest Divas of her time, was serving the on-screen role of John Morrison and Joey Mercury’s valet, as part of MNM. She was also busy as John Morrison’s real life love interest until she met Batista. And that’s when things got hot and steamy between her and The Animal. Now, the gray area is the timing. Batista says he never got involved with Melina until his own divorce was final and supposedly Melina and Morrison were taking a break. But other accounts and speculation, of course, insinuate that the sparks started flying while Melina and Morrison were still dating and before Batista’s marriage hit the skids.