10 Pro Wrestlers Who Slept With a Co-Worker’s Partner

This one is out there and has been known for a while, but it always shocks people when you see supposedly squeaky clean John Cena involved in something so scandalous. And yes, Cena was actually married at one point, which is completely different from his well-publicized stance against marriage, thanks to his appearances on Total Divas. So, back when Mickie James was still a full time talent with WWE, she and Cena had a bit of a thing going on. However, she was dating a lesser wrestler (Kenny Dykstra) and Cena was still married to his wife. It’s a period of time in Cena’s life he and the WWE brass love to downplay, considering it runs so counter to his image of wholesome marketing goodness, as he portrays the 21st century version of Hulkamania.