10 Pro Wrestlers Who Slept With a Co-Worker’s Partner

Even though Linda wasn’t on television much at the, she was still a part of the company, which would more or less make her Sable’s co-worker.

Let’s paint this picture. Sable, better known now as Mrs. Brock Lesnar, is and may forever be known as one of the hottest (if not the hottest) women to work for the company. She was in Playboy not once, but three times. She was a stunner, but she didn’t exactly blow you away with wrestling talent. Yet, she did manage to hold the Women’s Championship. How was that? Well, one argument was that the division back then was a far cry from what we all know it is now. Another theory? That her title run was a bit of a reward for sleeping with the boss. Did she? So far as I know, that’s never been concretely confirmed or denied, but the rumor is out there, so we can say this is, at least, alleged to have happened.