10 Pro Wrestlers Who Slept With a Co-Worker’s Partner

Pro wrestlers who hooked up with a co-worker’s significant other

This is one of those examples of wrestling mimicking real life and honestly, Vince McMahon won’t pass up a good angle, no matter how personal and intimate it might be. And this one was plenty personal. Lita had been dating fellow WWE talent Matt Hardy for a while, until she and Edge struck up a hot romance of their own. For obvious reasons, Hardy harbored animosity toward Edge (and Lita) and thus a feud between the two men played out on-screen, with frequent and heavy-handed references to the personal relationships that led to the feud. On the one hand, it made for a great and heated rivalry, but on the other, some were a bit uncomfortable with just how intensely personal things were. Hardy wasn’t long for WWE, while Edge and Lita both found their way into the WWE Hall of Fame.