10 Of The Most Immodest WWE Divas Matches

The bra and panties match is a bout that deserves an all-encompassing top spot. There’s been many of them over the years, with ones you may like to look up including Torrie Wilson versus Dawn Marie, or Torrie’s effort with Stacy Keibler.
What makes these bouts different from evening gown or mud matches, is the sheer entertainment quality of the task. There’s more objective to the action, and narratively, the gimmick did sort of work as a means of conflict and competition.
That said, let’s not beat about the bush; this match type was just porn to a generation of kids who hadn’t got on the internet as of the early 2000’s. None of the matches are likely to make a return in the PG Era WWE, which is a bad thing or a good thing, depending on your perspective.