10 Most Unexpected Returns in WWE History

Vince McMahon, for all his faults, is someone who is willing to give second chances. He seems to understand that in a demanding business like pro wrestling, performers are inevitably going to make some mistakes. When dealing with drug and alcohol issues though, it becomes incredibly hard to determine if someone is truly cleaned up.

Guerrero was sent to rehab by the WWE in May of 2001, just a year after he had debuted with the company. In November of that year, he was arrested for drunk driving and it seemed he had blown his chance to become a big star in WWE. Instead, Guerrero’s story became one of redemption, as he used the release to get cleaned up, and the WWE welcomed him back in mid 2002.

Not only did Guerrero come back, but he really grew as a performer, as he proved he was more than just a mid-card star, eventually winning the WWE Championship in 2004.