10 Most Unbelievable Segments In WWE History

4. J.R.’s ‘Colon Surgery’

This segment, composed of cheap puns and corny names (Dr. Hiney & Nurse Slobberknockers), soon transformed into a glorified mockery and humiliation of JR, who had been ‘fired’ the week prior. It consisted of Vince McMahon pulling various objects out of ‘JR’s butt’, including a bust of J.R.’s own head, while recordings of J.R.’s commentary were heard in the background.

While Vince himself must’ve found this segment hilarious, no one else did. It was nothing more than Vince taking even more shots at a passionate wrestling fan who did all he could to make the audience love wrestling as much as he did. The jokes were bad, the puns were lame, and the entire segment made many people uncomfortable. Why Vince thought that people would find mocking J.R. so funny is anyone’s guess, especially since the ‘Oklahoma’ character in WCW failed big time years earlier.