10 Most Unbelievable Segments In WWE History

5. Brie Bella Vs. Nikki Bella


As much as they have improved over the years, Brie and Nikki Bella have never been the greatest of actresses. Their promos have always sounded wooden and forced, which made this rivalry and its many segments incredibly difficult to sit through. Hearing the twins insult each other and claim, among other things, that ‘I wish you had died in the womb’, was painful to watch, especially with Jerry Springer standing next to them.

The entire feud had an inherent phoniness to it that made it impossible for anyone to take them seriously, especially since some people watched Total Divas at the same time, and knew that these were just stupid storylines. By further revealing the feud’s scripted nature, even fewer people invested in it, turning it into an even bigger waste of time.