10 Most Unbelievable Segments In WWE History

7. Roman Reigns: ‘Sufferin Succotash’

This is one of the main reasons Roman Reigns isn’t believable in his current role. Reigns, who, bear in mind, is supposed to be a tough bad-ass in this segment, says that Rollins is ‘full of suffering succotash, son!’

For anyone who might not know what that means (which is very likely given WWE’s target demographic and Reigns’ core audience), that was the catchphrase of Sylvester the Pussycat from Looney Tunes, a character that hasn’t been prominent in children’s cartoons for many years. ‘Succotash’ is also a food dish composed of sweet corn, so basically Reigns called Rollins a New England Thanksgiving dish.

If you want to kill someone’s push as a tough guy, make him speak the catchphrase of an antiquated children’s cartoon character. It was so cringe-inducing to hear a supposed tough guy say those lines, and tarnished his image in the eyes of many.