10 Most Unbelievable Segments In WWE History

1. Katie Vick

There has never been a single segment so disturbing, so unnecessary, so inappropriate that it would bring shame to virtually everyone within the wrestling industry who saw it. It was so bad that for many years, people like Paul Bearer and Jim Cornette, who had absolutely nothing to do with the segment, hung their heads in embarrassment over it.

To this day, the name ‘Katie Vick’ is met with either shame or cringes. Why Vince McMahon thought that implied necrophilia would be a good idea on a wrestling show is anyone’s guess. The fans must’ve felt both disgust at the actual skit, and disgust towards the professional wrestling promotion that would put such garbage on primetime television. If the PTC and other prominent critics ever needed fuel for their campaigns, this was perfect. There simply was nothing justifiable or positive in this segment whatsoever.

Via therichest. com