10 Most Unbelievable Segments In WWE History

2. Vince McMahon Making Trish Stratus Bark Like A Dog

Arguably the blackest mark against WWE’s public perception, Vince’s ego was on full display during this segment. He wanted to demonstrate his power over everyone, and somehow he found that making Trish Stratus, easily one of the most popular women in WWE, undress and bark like a dog on live TV, to be a good idea.

Even in the most heavily-edited of clips, you can hear the audience groan in disgust at this sight. Trish didn’t deserve this treatment, and many felt that WWE had gone too far with this one. This segment has haunted the WWE since it first aired, as the company’s opponents have used it to further criticize the company and hinder the McMahons attempts at success outside of wrestling.

Perhaps that backlash is deserved, since it was absolutely painful to watch Trish be humiliated in such a way in front of millions of people.