10 Most Unbelievable Segments In WWE History

3. J.R. & Michael Cole’s ‘Battle Rap’

During the pinnacle of the Cole/Lawler feud, someone decided it would be a good idea for Cole and J.R. to have a rap battle (because WWE loves to reference rap/hip-hop culture).

What we ended up with was J.R. having a brain fart (according to his Twitter), failing to say anything funny, and by attempting a Spinarooni. But instead of actually spinning properly like Booker T, JR ended up flopping on the canvas like a fish out of water.

It was bad enough that the WWE’s Michael Cole and Jim Ross – the latter being an Oklahoman with no connection to rap music whatsoever – trying to pull this kind of thing on a wrestling show. What really made it worse was the overall cheesiness of the segment. It was almost as if they knew this was going to be bad, and went ahead with it anyway.