10 Most Embarrassing Pro Wrestler Stories

Darren Young isn’t the first, nor will he likely be the last, to admit to having an accident in the ring. Young confirmed the embarrassing moment while interviewed by someone with TMZ. Young said that there was a match where he was in a 2013 tag team match with Titus O’Neil against the Wyatt Family. After taking a body slam from Erick Rowan, Young said it was so hard that he actually “sharted.” Young said it was visible, but not on cameras during the Main Event match.

Young said it was easily the most embarrassing moment in his WWE career. He already disliked the baby blue trunks, but this gave him a reason to get rid of them permanently. While fans might not have been able to tell while watching the match on television, it had to have been tough for Young to still finish the match in that state.