10 Most Embarrassing Pro Wrestler Stories

The emergence of social media has made it easy for embarrassing content to get online very quickly. Seth Rollins learned the hard way that one has to be careful what he posts online. Early last year, Rollins’ Instagram account posted a nude picture of Zahara Schreiber; who was currently signed to NXT. But Rollins was engaged to another woman – Leighla Schultz. Moments later, Schultz posted nude pictures of Rollins asking about Zaharah.

There was belief that Rollins was hacked. There’s a chance Schultz might have posted the Rollins pictures after learning about his apparent affair with Schreiber. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion would post an apology about “private photographs” that were distributed without his permission. Rollins’ engagement ended and he did have a relationship with Schreiber until shortly after her release from her WWE contract.